Saturday, September 13, 2008

Snark break...

Shame on you for thinking no one among the current lineup This Hour Has 22 Minutes could even get arrested.

More great ledes that can never be written:
TORONTO -- The Argonauts were decked out in the same colour preferred by Maggie Simpson and spent just as much time sucking.
Talk about a low blow: Some wags were wondering if the Argos and Winnipeg Blue Bombers were wearing 1950-vintage uniforms to commemorate Don Matthews' first year in coaching. It's officially OK to coin the phrase, the Curse of Kent Austin.

Stefan Legein, the NHL prospect who up and quit hockey a couple weeks ago, is allegedly delivering pizzas.

SeriouslyWho do you like in tonight's big Ohio State-USC college football game? Snappy answer: The USC Song Girls.

Ex-Frontenacs coach Bruce Cassidy has been hired as an assistant coach by the AHL's Providence Bruins.

The Vikings could have Marcus Johnson trying to block the Colts' all-everything pass rusher, Dwight Freeney, on Sunday. Cue: Rainier Wolfcastle: That's the joke. (Adrian Peterson runs for 175 yards, Kevin Williams blows up running plays, the Vikes have a shot.

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