Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Snark break...

As you kept hitting CTRL+R on, while wondering what the hell Clay Aiken coming out has to do with sports, since that's why the hosts on sports-talk radio are talking about it ....

The Yankees won't make the playoffs. That really says it all.

Move the Marlins.

Changing their Triple-A team means the Jays have given all of their fans a justification for a trip to Vegas. It's perhaps the most fan-friendly thing Rogers has ever done, not including Red Sox or Tigers fans.

Does anyone else have to say "it's just a commercial" when that spot comes on with Kerry Joseph is a Future Shop worker?

Just a day in life in the NFC Norris: The Chicago Bears cut Mark Bradley, meaning their highest choice from 2005 who is still on the team is Kyle Orton. The hell of is, that's still a better draft than the Vikings had that year.

Syracuse football is really bad, but on the plus side, it should help the box office take for The Express.

(Jim Brown is just ticked he hasn't got a biopic yet. Seriously, who would play Jim Brown? Derek Luke comes to mind.)


Dennis Prouse said...

When Jim Brown disses you, you are done. Greg Robinson might not want to be buying any green bananas.

The strange thing is that, on paper, Robinson was a pretty good hire. His football pedigree is excellent, (two Super Bowl rings as the DC in Denver) and he has a very similar personality to that of Pete Carroll. For whatever reason, though, it just hasn't worked out. The argument rages amongst Orange fans as to whether or not the program was already heading in this direction under Pasqualoni, but Robinson has driven it over a cliff.

One of Syracuse's big problems, alluded to on the video, is that of recruiting. Upstate New York has become a recruiting graveyard, but the Orange used to be able to compensate for that by being a "destination" school for out of State kids, particularly from New Jersey, Connecticut, and sometimes Pennsylvania. Now that Rutgers and Connecticut have built up their programs, though, Syracuse can't get those kids.

The good news for Syracuse is that the gap between the haves and have nots in college football has shrunk, and as such you can turn a program around pretty quickly now with the right coach and a few key recruits. The question is whether or not Syracuse will be ready to pay the big bucks to go land the kind of big name coach who can both a) attract recruits right away, and b) turn the ship around.

Jordie Dwyer said...

KJ working at Future Shop...okay someone's gotta have a YouTube link for it...this I have to see.

sager said...

@ Jordie: That commercial doesn't show in Alta.? Yeah, it's Joseph and Jesse Lumsden working at Future Shop. It's a pretty funny spot.

@ Dennis: You hit the nail on the head (and pulled out the green bananas for just the right occasion).

Recruiting is the real smoking gun for SU ...

In general, all major-college programs in border states seem to be hurting -- Washington, Wazzuu, Minnesota (although they're an Also Receiving Votes team after last season's debacle), even Michigan. Nebraska, which is in a "cold weather region," is also hurting.

There was a great post on The Root last week about why the South rules college football.

"Loudmouth went on to complain that the schools in the Southeastern Conference had an unfair advantage in terms of recruiting, and soon, college football would be the SEC on one level and all other conferences on a lower echelon. He rattled off a bunch of reasons for SEC dominance, from the money the schools would pay their coaches and recruiters to the fact that many of the major bowls amounted to home games for many of these teams, and the weather was nicer. And, he said, his voice rising 'the girls are practically naked all the time! How am I supposed to take some teenager to Lincoln Nebraska after that! '"

The population demos in the States are shifting, there's a, uh, different approach to academic standards at a lot of these schools ... that's not helping the 'Cuse.

Duane Rollins said...

The Cowboys are undefeated against the spread in week's after reality show contestants confirm their long suspected sexual orientation, of course. Why wouldn't sports radio hosts talk about Clay Aiken, Neate?

[/guy that lost money on the Jets last week]