Thursday, September 11, 2008

Snark break...

Hopefully, the stupid and ugly doesn't stay in the system all day.

The Hater Nation is jumping the gun a little by trying to figure out which NFL team has got the best shot at going 0-16.

Why hasn't there been anything here on that 82-0 women's hockey game? It's Geek Code -- don't blab on about a sport or a league that you ordinarily ignore. Until 10 days, that was the "U of T Varsity Blues" rule.

Truer words might have never been accidentally spoken about big-time college football: Tim Tebow on the Miami Hurricanes: "They are paid to stop us."

The life of a baseball prospect: Being assigned to the Hawaiian Winter League means Buster Posey will play for five teams in one calendar year. At this point, he doesn't ask where he's going, he just says, "What colour undershirt?"

The Terrier Hockey Fan Blog is calling shenanigans on any inference that Ethan Werek chose the Kingston Frontenacs because the hockey in the USHL is poor quality.

Hate to pull out the easy reference, but Larry Mavety is Lisa Simpson in that episode where the family gets a backyard pool. "He's just using you to help his draft status." ... "Shut up, brain!"

It's best left unexamined what it says about anyone who watches this Tom Brady clip more than 25 times in succession. Please keep it in the low 20s.

(By the way, the male Democratic vice-presidential nominee is more of a feminist than the female Republican one has been. (Charging women for rape kits, really?)

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