Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OK, fine, the soccer game

It's hard to have the will, but there is a World Cup qualifier tonight in Mexico. It's not a must win. It's my cat has a better chance of getting into medical school than a Canada win tonight. So, it's time to readjust the thinking.

Tonight, we really just need to show some pride. A tough loss would be acceptable. A draw would be cause for celebration. A win would mean it's time to go to the closest church to repent. Keep an eye out for the locus.

The slim possibility of moving on to the next round will be determined in Honduras. If Jamaica can steal points there to keep Canada within three points of second's still a long shot, but still possible. Sort of.

As I type this post there is an hour long debate on the future of Canadian soccer on the Fan590. It was kicked off with the suggestion that Dale Mitchell should be fired. Although it's hard to find bright sides in this current mess it is telling to see the topic discussed. It shows just how far soccer--domestic soccer--has come in Toronto since the arrival of TFC. It's a talking point now. Moving forward, that can only help.

Around the time of last year's Black Wednesday protests (full disclosure--I, as you likely know, was very involved in the organization and promotion of the protest) there were some that suggested that the worst thing that could happen would be that Canada qualified for the World Cup -- that nothing would change with the media and public blinded by temporary excitement of going to South Africa.

That attitude has merit (Not much. Waiting for 2014 is too damn depressing to consider). But, if this disaster plays itself out the way it, sadly, looks like it is going to then it's imperative that those of us that were beating the drums of protest a year ago get those black shirts back out of the closet.


Jamie said...

Please let deGuz and deRo lead us to de victory.

We must save our canning of de CSA for another day... (meaning: tomorrow)

Mikey said...

It's past 12am.

Time to tear down the Metcalfe Street office and start anew.

It can be Dale Mitchell's first job after doing the right thing and stepping down from his disastrous run as head coach.