Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The disgust over Canada's standing in world soccer (on the men's side) is reaching critical mass.

The value of the Black Wednesday protest planned for tonight's Costa Rica-Canada match in Toronto can't be overstated enough. Canadians are notorious for being unwilling to demand more of our sports administrators in a constructive way. Finally, here are some fans who care enough to voice their displeasure. The protest, organized by fan Dino Rossi, will consist of wearing $5 black t-shirts. According to a press release, 500 have already been sold and the group plans to sell more outside the stadium before tonight's 7 p.m. start.

The group, which consists of the Voyageurs and Toronto FC's Red Patch Boys, has a pretty straightforward point: Canada will stand little chance of ever doing anything in footy without a "more professional, efficient and accountable environment at the Canadian Soccer Association." The old saw about not having the talent pool just isn't acceptable.

The group says this isn't about the resignation of Colin Linford; it's about doing what's best for the national teams. Here's hoping the right people listen and that this story stays in the news -- and maybe pressure will be exerted on the CSA to shape up or ship out. There's been a lot of grumbling about who runs soccer in this country -- about time it turned into action.

Word has it Dino Rossi will be interviewed on the CFRB 1010 AM in Toronto at 1:30 p.m. today. The message boards have plenty of background: here, here and here.

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Yea, not looking to good for Canada.