Saturday, August 30, 2008

Snark break...

  • Mats Sundin is returning to Toronto next week out of charity. Wasn't that why he stayed in Toronto so long in the first place?
  • According to Stephen King, TV ruined baseball. Has he not heard of Scott Boras?
  • Stephen Colbert on John McCain: "John McCain could be the guy next door, literally. He owns a lot of houses."
  • Silly college football. The first weekend of the season includes a game with national-title implications, Missouri vs. Illinois. Don't they know that at this point in the calendar, they should be playing nothing games involving third-stringers who have no chance of being on the field when it really matters? That's how the NFL does it.
  • It's probably no consolation to Sennies supporters, but the Tampa Bay Lightning's owners who bogarted Andrej Meszaros, also like real low-class bums when they can get away with it.

    The NHL has a major blind spot about the reality that Americans are introduced to sports through high schools and colleges. That's why it's borderline bloody scandalous that Oren Koules' and Len Barrie's team bolted on a a commitment to host a college holiday tournament. I can appreciate a good screwing-over of Notre Dame as much as the next guy, but talk about short-sighted and stupid, especially when no less than 10 Lightning are NCAA alumni.
It's kind of a big deal, but not so much it gets a unique post:
  • The St. Louis Rams should just move back to L.A. already, if there's going to be a NFL team there.
  • chances of one of the Ottawa Rapidz' league rivals might fold after this season.
  • Offensive tackle Scott Mitchell, of Manotick, and his Rice Owls put up 56 points in their college football opener. Granted, it was against Southern Methodist, but from Cliches 101, any time the quarterback throw six touchdown passes and the team has its highest-scoring season opener since World War II, it's a positive.

    (Out of Left Field is on the search for a college football team. The school has to have a veneer of academic credibility -- apologies to SEC schools not named Vanderbilt -- at least a remote chance of playing in a bowl game-- apologies to Vanderbilt -- and no chance whatsoever at ever cracking the BCS. It's better that way, as a fan. You know where you stand.)


Jordie Dwyer said...

One suggestion - - Washington State Cougars, great logo, decent team and they are somewhat credible when it comes to producing academic talent too.

sager said...

Wazzuu? The school that produced Ryan Leaf?

They're also in the Pac-10 ...