Friday, August 29, 2008

Snark break...

The stuff that couldn't be seen while buried in the jungle primeval of CIS football...

  • If you're a fan in Ottawa, try not to tear a vocal cord after you read this: Organizers of the 2012 World Junior Hockey Championship in Alberta say more than 40 per cent of the tickets will cost $40 or less. (If I had a lucky loonie for every gripe I'd heard about tickets for the World Juniors in Ottawa, I might actually be able to go see a game.)
  • Spread the phrase: "I might be stupid, but I'm not LPGA-stupid." One bit of subtext to this making-English-mandatory story is that every other sports league sucks up to the Asian market, except the blinkered golf world.
  • This how you throw someone under the bus.
  • The Senators probably love Andrej Meszaros, but for $5 million per season, they should probably just remain in like with him.
  • All that you need about federal politics in Canada these days is that it's so cockamamie that law professors actually make some sense.
  • Whoever came up with the list of greatest video-game athletes of all time obviously never saw the "N. Sager" who played fullback for the Madden 2001 incarnation of the Minnesota Vikings. (At what age are you too old to create yourself in Madden? Thirty-one seems to be the cutoff.)
  • It's already been handled by KSK, but if an online sportsbook is going to offer odds on the first NFL player arrested this season, it might not have been a bad idea to include at least one white guy. To sum up: Misanthrophy good, but being all racist-y is bad.
Stuff that's important, not so much that it gets its own post (so there):
  • Speaking of the Vikes, can Bryant McKinnie just be suspended already, so we can go on living our lives?
  • Our man Andrew Buchholz covered off Queen's basketball loss to the Anderson (Ind.) Ravens over at Sporting Madness. Those other Ravens, the ones from Carleton, beat Division 1 Northeastern by 30 points last night; the Kingston trio of Aaron Doornekamp, Rob Saunders and Stu Turnbull had a combined 44 points in the 77-47 rout. (To be fair, it was Northeastern's third game in four nights.

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