Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Snark break... what is it with you kids, and that word?

Wikipedia is pretty well-policed, but not so well that it can catch every single act of sabotage that sports fans commit to the page of much-loathed teams like the Philadelphia Flyers.

This is a brilliant piece of saboteur work not so much for originality ("icefuckers?") but for the timing and the target (the Flyers have always been loathsome and some would say they have the fanbase that's least likely to catch this quickly).

The Wiki cops are running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to make sure no funny stuff happens with the pages of various U.S. politicians as the presidential election campaign builds up. That would leave the barn door wide open for a saboteur to sneak in and modify the Flyers' page. (It might be gone by the time you click through, but thankfully, fellow Epic Carnival writer DMTShooter was quick to pounce with a screengrab.)

Some would say that saboteur is a French word for "vengeful Montreal Canadiens fan," considering the Flyers' extinguished the Habs' Stanley Cup hopes last spring. However, knowing about the outsider art Flyers fans have created to mock Sidney Crosby, and seeing that a reference to the team's "many brawls" with the New York Rangers is high up on the page, Lower Manhattan and Western Pennsylvania are probably the first two places to look.

It's also entirely possible that a Flyers fan went the 8 Mile route and did it to themselves. You never know.

  • Flyers winger Simon Gagné's training regimen this summer has involved running sprints while carrying bags of sand. Lugging around bags of sand? It's good preparation for what he'll have to do if Joffrey Lupul's on his line this season.
  • Only Major League Baseball could ballyhoo adding instant replay some two decades after it was introduced in the NFL and NHL.
  • Best headline ever, from a Washington Post story about the Washington Nationals' MLB-low radio listenership: "From the Basement, It's No Wonder Radio Reception Is Poor."

    The Nats, God love 'em, are on pace to have one of baseball's 10 worst offences since the 1993 expansion. This is better than having a team in Montreal how?
  • If the CFL had an award for Injured Player of the Week, the Saskatchewan Roughriders would take it hands-down.
(Seriously, Gagné opting for prolotherapy to treat post-concussion symptoms certainly is worth exploring farther. Too many careers have ended too soon.


geoffrey said...

The IP address that made the edit is located in Toronto. And the vandalism was caught and reverted within 1 minute. (

sager said...
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sager said...

Thanks Geoffrey, although I'm somehow doubtful that I was that quick if it only was up there for one minute.

There are plenty of Penguins fans in Toronto.