Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fronts: No I in 'team,' but there's two in 'infuriating'

The response to the Kingston Frontenacs owner Doug Springer's confirming everyone's worst fears that Larry Mavety would coach this season fairly demands a best-of compilation from the feedback at, Fronts Talk and New OHL Open Forum.

It's good that people are voicing their decision over what's a blatantly antifan decision, especially since the City of Kingston has co-opted taxpayers as stakeholders in the Springer Frontenacs. The best advice is to get the anger out and support the players this season, for this season.

It's been known for more than two months that Mavety would stay (if you listened to Tyler's show Offsides, you'd have known). The season is too close for anyone to have expected a change, but that doesn't deny anyone the right to be upset, as you'll see:

"Let's see if we've got this right -- parlaying a 23 and 33 record after Mav took over into something special is the reason for announcing his continuation as coach??!!!!"

"It takes a lot of b....s to tell the loyal paying fans and a community that just spent $40 million-plus on a new arena that after 8 years of failure that they should be satisfied with a coach with a winning percentage of .410 because you think that is a positive move forward."
(That second comment was the most positive thing anyone has said online about Springer.)

"I have been a season ticket holder for the past 8 years, but I have not renewed yet because I wanted to see the direction the team would be heading this season. Thank you Mr. Springer as you have helped me make my decision.

"I will not be renewing. I will be placing my order for Bulls season tickets today."

"I have spoken with at least a dozen Fronts players and they would all love to see (Mavety) replaced. They think he is a nice guy, but they feel there are better coaches out there."

"This club will remain an absolute joke for as long as Doug Springer owns the club. He doesn't care about winning, or having a successful hockey club. He just cares about money. And the fact he retained Mavety, instead of bringing in someone who can truly turn this team around, confirms this."

"Springer must love less than mediocre results."

"Confirmed -- Mav back behind the bench in Kingston. Also confirmed -- disgruntled Fronts fans walking away, shaking their heads in disgust."

"Doug are an utter embarrassment to junior hockey and do us all a favour and make the rumour the truth.....sell the team to someone who cares more about the team than they do about lining their pockets and keeping old friends employed."

" 'How do you feel about this Fronts fans? Good or bad move?' You can't honestly be serious when asking that."

"No way 'the kids wanted him back' at least not the ones pursuing hockey as their livelihood."

"Just when you think it can't get worse Doug and Mav always come through."

"Now that Kingston taxpayers are subsidizing the hockey team ... the current owners should take their profits and sell the team to someone who has a clue."

"After this latest slap in the face to the citizens and hockey fans of Kingston, (Mayor) Harvey (Rosen) ought to be having a serious heart-to-heart with Springer about his lack of interest in doing anything about icing a winning club. (Springer's) latest announcement merely underlines how uninterested he is in improving the franchise and by continuing Mavety's hapless reign of mediocrity he is telling council and the eople of Kingston, 'I have my sweetheart deal, you folks learn to live with it.' "

"Really, what can you say that hasn't been all said before?"
To quote Sunaya Sapurji atthe OHL blog Loose Pucks: "I'm starting to believe that Kingston's front office is operating in some weird parallel universe that is hidden from the world outside."

It's ironic that an organization whose arena bears the name of a radio station is so tone-deaf. If it makes you feel any better, there is a Fire Larry Mavety petition.

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Big V said...

Just because players are asking if Mav would be back doesn't mean they wanted him back...
Just goes to show how much mav and springer love themselves