Friday, February 29, 2008


Please, Doug Springer, don't sell the Kingston Frontenacs. Who would take over as a walking punchline?

In fairness to the Fronts, some of these city councillors have caught a bad case of buyer's remorse. They're scared that they might get booted out of office if property taxes go up by seven cents.

It was one poor turnout for a game between two also-rans. That said, there is no logical reason to believe Springer and GM-for-life Larry Mavety can get this love boat turned around.
  • "The Frontenacs may be our weakest link at the facility."
    -- Vicki Schmolka, city councillor
  • "People have told me they won't go to see a losing team no matter how nice the arena is."
    -- Lisa Osanic, city councillor
  • "Are there non-performance penalties for the Frontenacs if they're a bad team and not performing? Do we have the option of reducing their exposure to the facility ..."
    -- Bill Glover, city councillor
  • "I don't think there's a single one of us who hasn't ribbed Doug Springer about it. Like, 'You have the nice new arena, now where's the good team?' " -- Schmolka

Where's the good team? Well, there's one in Belleville and the Bulls draw fairly well for the size of their city, since they're winning. That's the point here. In junior hockey, people still come to watch the game, not to see pyrotechnics or eat sushi or gawk at the Dance Pak. You put a good team with a class operation in a decent arena and people will come.

Anyways, like I said in the first week of the year, "The public perception of Springer seems to have cemented. He can't win in Kingston."

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