Saturday, March 01, 2008


Tonight's the night -- a loss in Peterborough would officially eliminate the Kingston Frontenacs from playoff contention, with a full 2

GM-for-life Larry Mavety has been telling anyone who would listen, "Anything can happen until they put the 'x' there," denoting that Peterborough's clinched a playoff spot. The rest of us have known the Fronts have been done since since Xmas.

It's too bad Peterborough couldn't have squeezed out one more win somewhere. That way, the Frontenacs could win tonight, stay alive, and then be eliminated on Sunday against Mississauga, which boasts former coach Jim Hulton and Kingston native Jordan Mayer. That would be freakin' sweet, since both have been touched by Mavety's reverse-Midas touch. Hulton. a good coach, was run out of town, while Mayer was passed over by his hometown team in the draft in favour of Ethan Werek, who never reported.

(On another Fronts-related note: Bobby Bolt was deemed to have the best name in hockey -- even better than Bear Trapp.)

All three are in a better place, needless to say. That begs the question of who OoLF should throw support behind in the playoffs. Being a Belleville Bulls supporter is looking better every day.


Big V said...

I went to the fronts game last night and I must admit they looked pritty good. Maybe becasuse the colts were bad but who knows.

Hopefully the rubuilding process will start with an owner and a GM and a Coach.

I'm going to throw this out there... what if the city baught the frontenacs??? Just an idea.

sager said...

The Colts are bad.... no one denies the Fronts have played not half-bad hockey since about Jan. 15, but it's helped that they play in the poor cousin conference ... Belleville and Brampton are about the only decent items.

The Fronts need a new owner ... does Acturus SMG just manage buildings, or do they run teams too?

Dennis Prouse said...

Hey, support the 67s. They'll be done in five games, and then you can get on with your baseball season.

sager said...

Dennis, after all this, it still isn't our baseball season?

The muses are saying, "Cheer for Belleville. Your grandma lives there, after all."

Dennis Prouse said...

Oh yes, it's still our baseball season! I just know what a tremendous passion you have for baseball, making the transition out of hockey season pretty seamless for you. As for me, I get some pretty nasty withdrawal symptoms when hockey ends, and the NFL is still months away. Baseball fills the void somewhat, but never entirely.