Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1, 2, 3, 4 ways to make Olympic viewing rock around the clock

As most of you know, there are plenty of ways to get your Olympic fix without having it filtered through the high school yearbook committee-types who run CBC Sports.

This should have been done earlier, but one of our technologically savvy readers has four good options for watching any sport, any time -- including a way to access NBC's online feeds from Canada (novel, that). His four-step guide, right after the jump.

For live and archived (NBC only has this) events there are 4 good options:

  1. Of course, CBC Sports does have has nine online channels, including what's being broadcast on TV. It's great for those who don't want to see the goofy vignettes with Sook-Yin Lee or that other guy that thinks he's funny. There's no commentating. Some would take that as a win.
  2. NBC has done a great job with its online coverage, but in its infinite wisdom it's not available to Canadians. You need to download Hotspot Shield. to get it from Canada. Hotspot blocks your IP address and lets you in. For archived events (I'm watching the Canada-China baseball game as I type) just scroll down the NBC site and look for more games. Once Hotspot Shield is activated and you're you'll be asked for a zip code... use 14201 which is Buffalo (Erie County), It will then ask for provider... select Dish Network.
    You should be good to go from there. If you want handball, it's all yours.
  3. -- this is a great site. Just click and your on your way. Unfortunately, many links won't work for Macs because most peer-to-peer sharing of online video hasn't figured a way to work on a Mac.
  4. --another great site... even beyond the Olympics. Plenty of hockey (Russian Super League, Swedish Elite League, NHL), baseball (MLB, Japanese league), basketball (NBA, Euro League).

    You might have to download different media players depending on which link you use. They're all safe and in the software section at the top of the site.
Enjoy the Games online.

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