Thursday, August 07, 2008

Favre finds that mediocre, generic team he's been looking for...

There's almost an empty feeling inside with the news that Brett Favre is going to play for the New York Jets. It's like we were all Stockholm Syndromed into depending on the Gunslinger to keep us fed. He always made the day begin.

He's going to play for the New York J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets, for real? It beggars metaphor to describe what it's like, as a Minnesota Vikings fan, to know that Favre is out of the division -- and into one where his team has to play Tom Brady and Randy Moss twice a season. Imagine the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup, or the fat kid from Superbad winning an Oscar. That almost describes what it's like, but not quite.

Our long national nightmare is over. Favre's -- have you watched the Jets' offensive line do their impression of the turnstiles at La Guardia? -- is just beginning. The spin-off of this is that Chad Pennington will become available, but he might not work for the Vikes -- his arm couldn't keep up Bernard Berrian's legs, as one must point out just to cheese off Chicago Bears fans.

Pennington would work for the Bears. They don't have any receivers he could underthrow.

(Football Outsiders says that the addition of Favre raises the Jets' mean expected wins from 7.2 to 7.6.

With Favre Around, No More Excuses For Mangini (William C. Rhoden, the New York Times)
The Day It Was Fun To Be A Jet Fan (SimonOnSports)


Dennis Prouse said...

This will work out well for Favre. It's not like New York has a lot of media to chronicle the downfall of his career or anything. God, this is going to be painful to watch.

Great move by the Jets, though. Nothing says, "rebuilding plan" quite like bringing in a 39 year old QB to provide a quick fix for your 4-12 team.

eyebleaf said...

i'm calling a low blow on that leafs comment. you've been docked 1 point.

sager said...

I never said the Leafs wouldn't win the Stanley Cup in our lifetime ... I'm saying it will be glorious when it happens, in 2016, with a 1-2 scoring punch of John Tavares and Taylor Hall leading the way, and a wily veteran Ray Emery in goal.

Jeff Dertinger said...

TWO comments against the GSH!That shall not stand.

Of course, what am I gonna say in our defence? Brandon Lloyd made a nice catch last night in preseason play, lol.

Man, those two bumbling dunderheads we call quarterbacks looked incredibly . . . mediocre last night.

Go Caleb Hanie!

(On a good note, all three of our running backs played very well. Forte could be the real deal.)

sager said...

So you're saying Forte is strong?