Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Zen Dayley: The arms shuffle

Did that really happen? A comeback from four runs down?
  • Dustin McGowan is having a MRI, which means the Jays might have to shelve plans to trade A.J. Burnett and now that Rich Harden is a Cubbie, that should increase demand for Erik Bedard, even though he's pitched terrible everywhere but in his expansive home ballpark. Got all that? Good, because there'll be a test on it tomorrow.
  • There's a sign Derek Jeter is past his best-before, even though he still got it done for the Yankees last night. The guy who threw him out at the plate, the Rays' B.J. Upton, wears No. 2 as a homage to The Captain.

    (There will be a full-length Rays post coming at some point soon -- it's amazing that people are having the knee-jerk "they'll fold" reaction. Teams that are 55-34 seldom fold.)
  • It's worth mentioning Jays catching hopeful J.P. Arencibia, just to see if anyone else has noticed that he's still looking for his first walk since being promoted to Double-A. (He has five homers and is slugging .580 in 69 at-bats.)
  • One modest suggestion; The Hall of Fame should have, What The Hell, They Were Better Than Jim Rice wing. This will have to wait until after Jim Ed's inevitable induction next season.

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