Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Office Buzz - Free Agent Frenzy 2: Hoops Havoc

So far the NHL has provided plenty of entertainment in quite an active Free Agent Market, and tomorrow the NBA joins in on all the fun! Yeah it's true, many of the major deals have been decided - or appear to have been decided anyhow - but there's still some big contracts out there looking for a home! A lot of deals will become official tomorrow, such as the TJ Ford - Jermaine O'Neal trade that was agreed to in principle. And there's plenty of rumours a foot as well that should be interesting to watch play out.

Rather than speculate whether or not Elton Brand will really turn the Atlantic Division into an Animal House, or if any of the multiple Chauncey Billups rumours have any merit to them, this post will just spend the time to usher in yet another great moment in offseason speculation. Tomorrow just cozy up to the internet, internet radio station, talk radio/television or whatever and enjoy following along as the NBA offseason steps foot into the postseason arena themselves!

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