Friday, July 04, 2008

Offsides: Your direct link to the bowels of Carruthers Hall

The sports talk extravaganza that, coincidentally, features two members of this very blog, is officially on the live video streaming bandwagon and is thus available worldwide in the visual and audio medium.

This week, the usual roundtable will fill a full hour of fun, frivolity, and violent discourse as blogger extraordinaire Neate Sager and K-Rock 105.7's the Coach (Tim Cunningham) will join us over the phone to talk sports with Queen's Sport Information Officer Mike Grobe and your modest host, the supremely talented Tyler King.

With permission of this blog's owner and proprietor, said video webcast is embedded here - check by at 4:00 PM eastern for the live feed:

1 comment:

Robert C. said...

Glad to see you can watch the show after in video clips.

Watch as we deal with a new phone problem. And see the back of my head at the end as I go to switch control rooms. :)