Friday, July 04, 2008

They still stare at their shoes when they pass our place

Main Street in Kingston is doing just fine, thanks for asking, but it's been rough week when it comes to anything hockey-related.

It's hit the news that OHL star Jamie Arniel was arrested for drunk driving less than 24 hours after the Boston Bruins selected him in the fourth round of the NHL draft. The city's political leaders are wondering where is that $8 million in federal funding for the K-Rock Centre after Tory cabinet minister Lawrence Cannon encouraged them to apply for a grant.

(Short answer about Arniel: Letting all the facts come out slowly seems like a good idea. It's one thing to have a very teenaged moment in front of the computer and another to have it behind the wheel of a car. He's in a heap of trouble, but have a little compassion for him and his parents, it's not easy dealing with a grown son or daughter who's only legally an adult.)

Short answer about the arena: It's built already, so why would the federal government cough up the cash now?)

All of that is coming in the same week as this, which even someone with my lack of taste can't mine for comedy gold. Of all the weeks to see the Tragically Hip perform live!

(It's probably not the best time to bring this up, but former Front Dany Revelle, who was a Carleton Ravens assistant hockey coach the past couple seasons, is going back to the OHL team as Director of Community Relations.)

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