Friday, July 04, 2008

Just what the doctor ordered!

Last night was precisely what the CFL needed! One gets the feeling Rod Black revelled in making the following statement, considering the number of times he repeated it during the dying minutes of the Esks-Stamps battle royale last night:"This/That is the CFL for you!"

Despite ideas on how to improve the product on the field, or how to save it from extinction, that inevitable doom that lay in the near future, brought forth by the Buffalo Bills, this night defied the skeptics to actually became a great night of exciting football! - something missing from the CFL in recent times.

While the Battle of Ontario may have been rather dull in comparison to the Alberta showdown, it not only revitalized a hapless franchise in Hamilton, but also showcased a rising young star - and a Canadian bred and trained one at that! - in Jesse Lumsden. I'm sure that alone couldn't make the league any happier!

In their best attempts to up the ante, Edmonton and Calgary exchanged the lead multiple times in their outing, and punched in multiple scores right down the stretch, culminating with a glorious one-handed grab by Jason Tucker with less than a minute to play to ensure victory for the Eskimos. If this wasn't reminiscent of the CFL of old, a shoot 'em up race to the finish that really helped kick start Week 2 on the gridiron, nothing will be.

The opening contests of this season can almost be forgiven should the rest of the second week of CFL action continue to do its best to draw back the fans. Last night was a great night for the CFL, and hopefully it's not a fluke but rather an example of an exciting season to come!

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sager said...

Good stuff, Mike ...

I didn't get to see the Ticats' curbstomping of the team divided, but Cal-Edmonton was great ... explosive offence accentuated by poor tackling and bad coaching (Maciocia!).

The Kelly Campbell grab that set up Tucker's winning TD was just as good, but if you weren't watching, you didn't see it since no one in this country knows how to do a football highlight reel, NFL Prime Time-style.