Wednesday, July 09, 2008

NFC Norris: The Bretting lines...

I have a post up at Epic Carnival about one of the little sidebars to the Brett Favre speculation -- an online sportsbook is offering all manner of betting lines on whether the Gunslinger will come out of forced retirement.

That's the modern way, isn't it? You have to give overly opinionated types an outlet to put their money where their mouths are (as long as it's discretionary income and not the milk-and-egg money, right, he winked). A couple of faves, after the jump:
  • Mostly likely to play for the Packers? 1-1
  • Most likely to play for the Vikings? 2-1
  • Most likely to play for the Chicago Bears? 2-1
  • Join ABC/ESPN broadcasting team? 1-2
  • Join NBC broadcasting team? 5-1
  • Coach Pop Warner football? 5-1
  • Coach NCAA football? 100-1
  • Run for political office in Wisconsin? 100-1
  • In Green Bay? 65-1
  • Most likely to play for the Patriots? 750-1
It's just a little harmless fun. It was really nice of BetUS Sportsbook to set such favourable odds on Favre joining the Vikings, since (a) fools and their money are soon parted and (b) it just's one more way to torture a fanbase that's been tortured plenty since January 17, 1999 (no need to go into details).

Daily Norseman, the Leroy Hoard of Vikings blogs, already noted a couple days ago that it would be semi-halfway nightmarish if Favre went to Minnesota and the Vikes went to the Super Bowl. Sure, they would be in the big game for the first time since the week after I was born (really), but the media coverage would be All About Brett. It wouldn't be about, to carry out the fantasy, Adrian Peterson rushing for 2,000 yards this season or Jared Allen setting a single-season sacks record without an opposing quarterback taking a dive for him in the final week of the season, in a non-passing situation.

Then again, if there's anything Vikings fans can understand, it's irony -- what other team's fans would put together a video that plays off a speech from a presidential candidate who's a Bears fan?

Hey, if the U.S. is ready to elect an African-American president, maybe the Vikings are ready for a Super Bowl (OK, not really on the latter).

The Favre situation (Access Vikings)


Pattington said...

So Neate, are you gonna suddenly become a fan of Favre if he joins the purple and gold?

sager said...

Only if that purple and gold belongs to the Lakers -- they could use a 38-year-old ballboy.

Keith Borkowsky said...

Here's the thing though, Neate. Favre's running attack was just plain awful last year. His yardage came in the air. Now add Peterson to the mix, and of the Vikes can generate an air assault, they won't need a defence.