Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jays are better with ripostes than with RISP

Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi, much as some people can't stand his act, does have a quick wit sometimes.

A caller from the East Coast was joshing Ricciardi during the FAN 590 post-game show tonight about Matt Stairs of Fredericton, New Brunswick, not playing. Ricciardi shot back, "'Send some of that Schooner Beer down here, we'll play him more."

The Godcciardi haters who know their East Coast beers might point out that any GM worth his BlackBerry would have at least demanded some Clancy's Amber Ale.

The caller then offered up the kind of well-reasoned suggestion JaysTalk are renowned for -- "B.J. Ryan is useless, try Matt Stairs pitching." Ricciardi retorted, "We'll play him at all nine positions tomorrow, bye now."

Ricciardi might be a dick, but if the Jays were 54-37 instead of 44-47, people wouldn't care one way or another.

(For you Ontario readers, voting has begun for the Golden Tap Awards. Go Steam Whistle!)


Tao of Stieb said...

Ah Clancy' know, we used to love that you could buy Clancy's at Lunx Stadium.

The Lynx went into the toilet as soon as they nixed their deal with Moosehead and went with the more pedestrian Keith's/Blue offerings at the taps.

Just saying.

(If the Rapidzzzzzzz offered Propeller, we'd buy seasons tickets and not complain about their stupid name.)

Tyler King said...

Keith's > Moosehead

You spilly talker.

Duane Rollins said...

When I first moved to the Maritimes I would try to order Keith's the same way I, and all my friends, did in Ontario -- by asking for a "Keats."
The Maritimers looked at you like you had a hole in your head and replied "do you mean Keith's."

And Pilsner has been my regional drink of choice since living in Saskatchewan.

Tao of Stieb said...

Pilsner's a nice beer.

No way is Keith's better than Moosehead. We're sorry that we have to take the comments into the direction of a first year dorm argument, but we simply cannot abide by Tyler's assertion.

Keith's is what Maritimers drink in a dive bar while playing on video lottery terminals because they have no other choice.

Moosehead is a dignified beverage.

MikeM said...

Tao is right:

Keith's = Maritimes' version of Labatt 50 (ie. old guy/hipster beer)


Alpine, on the other hand, I have an inexplicable soft spot for. We need it in Ontario so I don't have to bring a case back every time I go home.

sager said...

Is there anywhere in Ottawa where Clancy's is readily available? At least I'm not the only one west of Moncton who's heard of it.