Friday, July 04, 2008

CIS Corner: Bagg sits, Zeeman spikes

Notes on our athletes/teams of interest from The 613...

Queen's grad Rob Bagg was a healthy scratch for the Saskatchewan Roughriders last night in their game vs. B.C. Lions (CFL teams carry 46 players but only 42 can suit up). It might be worth monitoring the situation with Leron Mitchell. The 'Riders DB was carted off with a knee injury; he plays a lot of special teams so, ipso facto, that might create an opportunity for Bagg to see the field.

(UPDATE: Slotback D.J. Flick is out for the season for the 'Riders.)

(That's unfortunate for Mitchell, even if an injury to a Western grad might help out a Queen's guy. There is no begrudging a player for his alma mater or political affiliation. Duane Forde, by the way, is blowing Glenn Suitor out of the water as an analyst on TSN.)

Meantime, borrowing a page from the Bucholtz playbook, Queen's volleyball star Joren Zeeman helped Canada nail down a spot in the 2009 world junior volleyball championship, contributing 10 points in a 3-0 sweep of Mexico in the North American semi-finals down in El Salvador. Well-done. (Andrew Bucholtz really knows his volleyball; all I know is that it's hard not to feel dirty when you're trying to take photographs for the paper at a high school girls' game.)

Gee-Gees: Former U of O receiver Adam Nicolson almost had a blocked punt in the 'Riders-Lions game tonight.


Andrew Bucholtz said...

Zeeman is a very good player: he was one of the Gaels' best offensive weapons in his rookie year last season (fourth in OUA in points per game, sixth in kills per game and 13th in service aces). He still needs to work on his consistency and his defence, but the national junior experience will certainly help. As I wrote back in May, he's the only natural right-side hitter on that team, so he's probably getting a lot of minutes. Queen's middle Mike Amoroso is also playing with the national juniors, who swept Mexico last night to advance to tonight's finals against Cuba, who beat the U.S. in the other semi. Zeeman again got 10 points for Canada, but Amoroso didn't play. Both guys are part of a very strong six-member rookie class that came in last year, and this year's class is looking as good, so Gaels' volleyball will be a team to watch both this year and for the next few.

P.S. I was at that Lions-Riders game last night, and was disappointed Bagg didn't get the chance to play. There were about four injuries to the Riders' squad during the game, though, so as you mentioned, he might get a shot soon.

sager said...

The only natural rightside? Maybe some of those leftside players should go to the Hammerman; they'd double their chance of playing!

Andrew Bucholtz said...

Well, leftside/rightside is about more than just handedness. Many lefties play rightside and many righties play leftside (helpful because the set doesn't have to cross your body before you hit it), but some right-handed guys play rightside as well (and their advantage is it's easier to hit a cross-court ball from the right with your right hand). Rightside guys tend to be some of the best hitters and get a lot of sets. I'm sure some of the leftside guys on the junior national team could play rightside if called upon: they just don't usually play that position at the school level, according to the roster.

Duane Rollins said...

all I know is that it's hard not to feel dirty when you're trying to take photographs for the paper at a high school girls' game

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.

I've covered a lot of HS girl's sports. It's always a little odd the first time you walk up to them (of course they barely give you a second thought. I'm usually far more cognizant of the safety/comfort stuff than they are--it's likely a hold out from my days working as a young offender jail guard...).

sager said...

What was it one of my MSN friends once said? Never trust a species that can't stand the sight of its own skin.

One time I went to take a photo of an 18-year-old hurdler who was headed to the 2003 Western Canada Summer Games (I still have the T-shirt that John and Maureen Mitchell bought for me!).

I pull up in front of the farmhouse and she comes out, more or less in track gear -- the spandex shorts, midriff-baring crop top. Hey, it was like 90 degrees in July.

She felt comfortable, but the 26-year-old balding, tubalard sportswriter with the camera who was being paid $24,000 a year to be sensitive to The Daily G's core readership was feeling a little differently.

I asked her to put on a shirt that revealed less.

Then we made a photo where she had her leg up on the hurdle.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Beach Volleyball is the sport you guys -and everyone---really would like to cover.


sager said...

Not touching that ...

About Bagg... D.J. Flick is out for the season for the 'Riders, so that might open up a roster spot.