Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The CFL can compete very well, thank you

"I definitely hate the idea of Buffalo coming up here. I really dislike it. I mean, they're stepping on our turf. This is our turf -- this is the CFL. They definitely have no business coming up here." -- Argonauts defensive end Jonathan Brown, on TSN's Really Off The Record
It's a nice sentiment that one hopes doesn't lead to Jonathan Brown ending up in a gulag -- woe be unto people who stand in the way of Ted Rogers and manifest destiny.

It's worth pointing out tha is still flogging ticket packages less than a month away from next month's Steelers-Bills exhibition game (not pre-season) at the world's largest Rogers Video outlet.

The CFL seems to be holding its own pretty well. Scoring is up (partially due to happenstance, better offensive line play, some laissez-faire application of offensive holding) and the first four weeks have already had several cliffhanger finishes.

The Brown quote is via Pro Football Talk. So NFL Security visited the Vikings over the Brett Favre/cell phone calls story? The funny thing about that is that Favre apparently called the Vikings coaches; they didn't call him. That's kind of central to the whole story.

(How did a CFL post get spun around to Brett Favre, who couldn't find Canada on a map? See how Favre ruins everything!)

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