Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Zen Dayley: Before the spiked shoe drops

Who says the Jays never win anything? Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge is a former Jay.
  • First things first: Read Allen Barra's article about how incredibly bogus it is that Marvin Miller, the one-time most powerful man in baseball, isn't in the builders section of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Late commissioner Bowie Kuhn, whom Miller consistently outwitted for about two decades, is going in, which is a joke.
  • Mike Wilner's summation after a 7-0 Jays loss: "It won't be fair, and it's the players' fault, but it's getting harder and harder to believe that they're going to be able to shrug this off ... we're getting closer and closer to where people pay for it with their jobs."

    May 25-June 1 was the last time that the Jays hit more homers in a week than the five the Brewers bashed out tonight. It's so bad that it sounded completely alien during the radio broadcast when Alan Ashby recited Milwaukee slugger Ryan Braun's Triple Crown stats from 2007. A player hitting .324 with 34 homers and 97 RBI in less than 500 plate appearances is just completely unfathomable for someone who's been on the austerity diet of watching the Jays hitters for the last season and a half.

    More Wilner: "Russ Branyan has played 18 games and he would be tied for team lead in home runs if he was on the Jays."
  • Desposed Mariners GM Bill Bavasi couldn't hold his tongue about Erik Bedard:

    "On why Bedard can't go longer, Bavasi says it's a good question, but one that has to be put to Bedard.

    " ' He'll have a stupid answer for you, you can count on it,' Bavasi said. 'He'll have some dumbass answer.' "
    Well, that just reeked of bitterness.
  • John Buzhardt, a half-decent pitcher from the 1960s, died at age 71 over the weekend in South Carolina. One reason none of us had heard of him was that he had the misfortune to have his best years with the White Sox when they had seasons of 94, 98 and 95 wins and never won a single pennant. Ouch.
  • Ottawa Rapidz manager Ed Nottle is priceless, and here's hoping he doesn't catch any flak over this):

    "I always said the day I retire from baseball — and I've spent too many hours in anti-drug programs — but the day I retire, I am going to take about a four-pound joint and go out in a cornfield somewhere and find out what I've been missing. But give me a cold beer a cigarette and a ballpark, and I'm happy."
    Some people will cry "think of the children" and that baseball is a family game, but kids need to find out that reefer is often helps you put up with your family.
  • It's good to know that Paul Godfrey and Patrick Elster have apparently spread the gospel of setting out your fanbase to American airport gift shops.

    RandBall has a post up relating how a shop in the Minneapolis airport -- smack dab in Vikings country -- there had a huge display of Green Bay Packers memorabilia with "a sign stating that this was 'Minnesota's other home team.' "

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Duane Rollins said...

Four pounds!!


When I was driving to Saskatchewan in 2002 I went stateside. Somewhere in Minnesota I stopped at a Wal-Mart (when in Rome...)to grab some snacks for the day's drive. It was Sunday and every staff in the store was wearing either a Packers jersey or a Vikings. Literally every staff. It was split 50/50 and I was about 70 miles from Minneapolis.

You will be happy to know, however, that the Vikings won that day. Against Chicago if memory serves.

sager said...

I assume Wal-Mart forced 50% of its staff to wear the Packers jerseys.

Like I say, if you need Super Bowl titles and ESPN's Brett Favre beatification to become a fan of the Packers and not the team that's been to more playoffs and won more division titles since the 1970 merger, that's your problem. The Vikings are the team for people of more discerning taste.