Friday, June 20, 2008

The change it had to come, we knew it all along

It's almost as if the Blue Jays have morphed into the Leafs -- reaching back into the past, the one place where it can't get any worse.

There's a strong whiff of cynicism behind this Flashback Friday -- Cito Gaston and Gene Tenace are in as interim manager and bench coach (so is Nick Levya!); John Gibbons out, with coaches Gary Denbo, Marty Pevey and Ernie Whitt are following him out the door.

This has the sickly scent of Paul Godfrey — focusing more on the optics than whether it actually makes sense. Also, the next Flashback Friday game will be a managerial matchup of Gaston vs. the Atlanta Braves' Bobby Cox.

Granted, Gibbons had to go, since any change would do a 35-39 team good. The question becomes what this heralds, ideally beginning with J.P. Ricciardi probably getting the bum's rush after this season and assistant GM Tony LaCava taking the reins of an organization that would actually be serious about scouting and player development. But it's more likely this is just a bit of a facelift, a cosmetic change, something Godfrey would know all too well about.

It just so happens that Jayson Stark of has a handy-dandy list of up-and-coming manager and GM candidates. Personal preferences among the managerial candidates include Brad Mills from the Red Sox (although he', former Cleveland coach Joel Skinner and one-time Ottawa Lynx manager Pete Mackanin, who didn't really get much of a chance with the Reds. Among the GMs, staying in-house for LaCava doesn't seem so bad, especially since the Jays' farm system is improving.

(Update: Rob Neyer was on The FAN 590 around 2:45 Eastern and suggested that it's likely Ricciardi returns in 2009. That doesn't fill one with confidence.)


John Edwards said...

Over-under on the number of "Flashback Friday" headlines appearing in the next 12 hours: 5.5

Mike said...

My friend LITERALLY jumped out of her seat here at work to come and tell me, I've been uber busy all day - if only for the kitch historical references this will be good - I'd say 5.5 is WAY to low for the over-under btw :) - but they needed a change at Manager, that much is for certain. I guess with the retro jerseys comes retro Managers?

Maybe they'll give Marcum a blue glove to pitch with next? And obviously Rolen is gonna have to grow a mullet! :D

John Edwards said...

You may be right. I'd bet the over. :-)

So, when are they re-signing Lloyd Moseby?

Mike said...