Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sick of this theme... Dolores Claman's response

Most of you are surely sick to death of The Hockey Theme hullabuloo and CTV snapping up the song's rights was the end of the story.

Madeleine Morris, the daughter for composer Dolores Claman, did launch a blog so she could tell her side of story.

"We offered the CBC the following deal: forget the lawsuit -- just pay our legal fees (which we incurred because of CBC's breach of usage as agreed in the license deal) and let's keep the same licensing deal as before. That's it ... same as before. $500 per episode of HNIC. They did not accept."


"... I know you are probably upset that we didn't resolve our differences with the CBC, but no matter what they say publicly, they really, clearly, didn't give a shit about the theme. Their only concern was they should not be seen to be the villains in getting rid of it. My mother became a very convenient scapegoat.."

This is probably a dead issue. After all, TSN sucked all the life out of the song by playing it about 255 times on Monday (all the better to serve as a jumping-off point for parents to talk to their kids about why no one likes a bad winner).

Anyways, it's there, and please go read it in its entirety. It's the least Ms. Claman deserves.

(Via Stand On Guard For CBC, although they shouldn't take that as an endorsement of their politics. CBC Radio is fine, but the TV network should be deep-sixed like yesterday, except for Sophie. Natalie Brown is totally endearing.)


Robert C. said...

CBC TV needs to be fixed. I've seen the ads already for Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy coming to CBC in the fall. Like to see them spin the money spent on that as being "uniquely Canadian".

Dennis Prouse said...

The current federal government would love to go in and overhaul the CBC, getting them out of commercial television and turning them into something resembling PBS North. As Kim Campbell once said, though, elections are no time to discuss important policy matters. (She was right, which is why she got in so much trouble for saying it.) Rather than needlessly kicking over a hornet's nest and handing the opposition an issue, the government will just let the CBC slowly slide into irrelevance, just as the last government was doing.