Thursday, June 12, 2008

Euro 2008: NICHT! Wir können nicht verloren haben. Wir sind deutsch!!

Is it just me or is it eerie to hear 10,000 Germans chanting in unison?


So, that was fun, wasn't it? Just in case you're not convinced that the German's loss is that big of deal consider this:

Germany Vs. Portugal

'Cause that's the likely quarterfinal as I type this now. A little more difficult than Germany Vs. Turkey (or Czech Republic), isn't it?

With six points, Croatia could clinch the group with a Austrian win in the game going on now (How did sports fans get anything done before PVRs?). In the comments section below it was asked about the tiebreakers in this little tournament. Since many may be interested:

  • number of points earned in matches between the teams in question;
  • goal difference in matches between the teams in question (in cases where there are more than two teams equal on points);
  • goals scored in matches between the teams in question (in cases where there are more than two teams equal on points);
  • goal difference in all group matches;
  • goals scored in all group matches;
  • in cases where exactly two teams are equal in all previously listed critera and play one another to a draw in their final group match, kicks from the penalty mark will be conducted in lieu of the remaining criteria;
  • the number of points obtained by the teams in question divided by the number of matches played in the qualifying competitions for the 2006 FIFA World Cup and 2008 UEFA European Championship;
  • fair play conduct of the teams in the group stage;
  • drawing of lots
Portugal will win group A. The second sport will go to either Turkey of the Czech Republic. If Austria wins or ties today, Croatia wins group B and the Germans must get a result against Austria in the final match. If Poland wins, the possibility of a three way tie still exists sp no one will have clinched.


Tyler King said...

I can understand not trying to write the German properly, but did you really think "nicht" was an exclamation?

Duane Rollins said...

NO! We can't have possibly lost. We are German!!

sager said...

Remember, those Germans are not all smiles and sunshine.

Tyler King said...

What's this big blank space between 1939 and 1945?