Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Plus most movie theatres are also air-conditioned

Cracked.com (warning: the video begins as soon as you click through) went to town on The Love Guru. It's OK to admit you're planning to see it on June 20 because, well, it's got some hockey and Pineapple Express doesn't open until August.

(Seriously, make Cracked.com a regular stop, and yes, this is partially motivated by having gone to high school and university with one of its editors. It's good to trumpet others' success when your own are so meagre.)


Big V said...

I'm not gunna lie, you could do a clip like that most comedians.

Look at Adam sandler... I bet in his new movie rob schneider stops and says
"You can DO IT!!!!"

sager said...

Big V, you can do it all night long.