Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pitching Poz...

Joe Posnanski of the Kansas City Star, who's given us so much good stuff for free on his eponymous blog, wants help selecting a soccer team to support.
"Best I can tell, we either have readers in various countries all over the world or we have readers who PRETEND to be from various countries all over the world — it really works either way. So, here’s what I’ve been thinking: I need a soccer team. A football club. Whatever you call it. You can teach me that stuff later. For a while I thought about becoming a fan of Arsenal because of Nick Hornby, but I never really followed up on that. I’m more committed now — thanks in large part to the upcoming soccer book Bloody Confused by my dear friend Chuck Culpepper.

"Yes, I want a club. I want to buy soccer jerseys. I want to feel international (Sorry: American soccer teams are not eligible). I want to be able to use all those cool soccer words like … well, I don’t know, I’ll learn them.

"So, here’s the deal: My fan services are for hire. All you have to do is send along an email telling me why I should support your team. The best email wins my enduring soccer love and maybe even an occasional soccer post."
It's only right to pass this along as a fellow reformed soccer hater; at least he's self-aware that professing to have a favourite soccer team across the Atlantic Ocean is a sure-fire way to feel international, if not actually be international. 

Passionate pleas should be directed to joe@joeposnanski.com. Only three days till Euro 2008!


Duane Rollins said...

I think this has actually been done before....by Rick Reilly, if memory serves.

"Can't be American"

Do you think TFC counts?

sager said...

Bill Simmons did it after the last World Cup but if he actually followed up on it, I don't know (probably not, unless the Bundesliga or the EPL is putting a team in Boston).

I tried to follow Villa during the '06 EPL season, but it didn't take.

It's not for me to decide... I believe Poz could be pitched on the merits of supporting TFC, but it is a second-year MLS side; he seems to have his heart set on Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U and the like.

How about St. Mirren? Tell him it's named after an Oscar-winning actress.

Tyler King said...

Ugh, lost another one to Ditech.

Duane Rollins said...

Scunthorp United. Now that would show dedication to the cause.

Mikey said...

Simmons' article going through all the EPL clubs was quite good. Never followed up on it much...but maybe now that Modric has signed for Spurs and looking for a coming out party this weekend against Austria...

I say Hull City. Les Tigres. Has about as much charm as our Hull, er, Gatineau (and Kansas City for that matter) and had a local (old) boy put them into the Premiership.