Friday, June 27, 2008

Hoops: Doornekamp throws one down

There's a trickle of news out of the Canadian basketball team's training camp, but this nugget had to be included, out of hometown chauvinism:

"I am pretty sure all the big men are planning different scenarios where they can throw one down over Sam Dalembert. Today, at the end of their drills, 7-foot Nate Doornekamp rocked the rim to the delight of every 'big' at that end of the floor. Except for Sammy, who was caught looking the other way while standing under the hoop ... after realizing what occurred, the multi-millionaire NBA athlete simply stared at big Nate ... before breaking out in laughter!"
-- Jason Thom, Canada Basketball
Carleton grad Ryan Bell is apparently in a position battle with Tyler Kepkay, from the University of Utah, for the backup point guard spot. Thom also noted on his blog that Jesse Young, who was very good during the FIBA Americas tourney in Las Vegas last summer, has been having a good camp.

Canada Basketball seems headed in the right direction under its new boss, Wayne Parrish, but it's hard to tell if enough people have notice. On the FAN 590 just now, Eric Smith said, "I have heard that ticket sales have not been going the greatest," in reference to the exhibition games next week in Hamilton and Toronto. This is disappointing, since it's a sworn principle of Out of Left Field that if you're going to go nuts over 19-year-old junior hockey players every year during the holidays, you also have to at least make an effort to care about all of the Team Canadas.

(Don't be shocked if our women's softball team ends up on the podium in Beijing.)

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