Friday, June 27, 2008

Hoserdome: Anything can be blamed on the See Bee See

There's only one entity that's to blame for impressionable private school boys from fighting in locker rooms and posting it to YouTube -- it's those bleeding hearts at the CBC who air Arrested Development reruns during the dinner hour.

Good times. George Bluth Sr. would be proud.

"As children, George Sr. would often provoke the boys to fight each other. He thought it would equip them for the challenges of life. He also believed that footage of the boys fighting would be a big hit in the burgeoning home-video market. He soon franchised the concept with such titles as 'Boyfights 2,' 'A Boyfights Cookout,' and 'Backseat Boyfights: The Trip To Uncle Jack's '70.' "
Now can someone answer the question about how, in the entire history of high school punch-ups, no one's ever been able to throw a good left?


krister said...

Sage - don't you dare go dissing "Arrested Development". It is my junkie fix over supper, just like you have Friday Night Live!

krister said...

Sager - sorry about missing the r in the last post. I guess I am not pressing the keys hard enough - bad lefty:)

sager said...

Sager had gone too far, and had best watch his mouth.

(I loves the Arrested Development -- I was just being tongue-in-cheek.)