Friday, June 27, 2008

This and that

Sometimes, I really believe in karma. Although, I suspect Bertuzzi will find work (the NHL is nothing if not predictable).

But, the every time someone tells me about Wayne Gretzky's alleged brilliant hockey management mind, I keep coming back to his decision to put some good ole' fashioned Canadian muscle on the 2006 Olympic team while leaving the showboating kid Crosby at home.

Remember that Switzerland game?


If you are near a radio at 3:06 p.m. this afternoon you may want to catch Swirsky as he interviews T.J.Ford.

Speaking of Chucky, it's interesting to note that there hasn't been a great deal of speculation about who will take over for him when he leaves for Chicago later this month. His last day with the Raptors at the end of the month and he's done at the Fan 590 on July 31. There has been a little talk about who will take over on the Raptors broadcasts, but almost none about who gets the afternoon slot at the Fan.

Update: The Ford interview is available on demand now


eyebleaf said...

what did TJ have to say?

Dennis Prouse said...

I have never heard anyone refer to Wayne as a management genius. Quite the opposite, in fact - as time moves on, his limitations as a coach and executive are becoming painfully clear.

Brian Burke is the one who should be taking the heat on Bertuzzi. There was a fairly clear consensus that Bertuzzi's days as an elite NHL player were done, but Burke signed him anyway, thinking that Bertuzzi would somehow become a better player with Burke watching him from an executive suite. Had Burke spent that money instead on getting Dustin Penner re-signed, he never would have had that embarrassing purse-swinging contest with Kevin Lowe.