Friday, June 27, 2008

Daunte Culpepper and Douglas Coupland have the same initials; odd, that

The New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers can have their Super Bowl trophies and Joe Buck man-love. The Patriots can have the best part of Randy Moss' Hall of Fame career.

The Minnesota Vikings will always be first in post-modern tragicomedy.

"Daunte Culpepper persevered and established a new Guinness World Record for 'Highest Score in the Two-Minute Drill on Madden NFL 2002" with a staggering 14,500 points. Playing the same game that featured him on the cover, Culpepper played as himself with the Minnesota Vikings and made some serious connections to then-teammate Randy Moss. He earned the record at EA's 20th Anniversary Premiere Party for Madden NFL 09, and if unbeaten, will be included in the Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2009, scheduled for release next February."
The joke's on the guy who spent way too many late nights from about, oh, 2000 from well into 2006 -- long after the magic act had broken up -- vicariously plugging into the Culpepper-to-Moss combination via the Madden franchise (while mixing in plenty of short stuff to a tight end named Neate Sager who was like Kellen Winslow and Magnus Samuelsson all rolled into one) .

What a postscript to the Culpepper-Moss years. It's not for nothing that Daunte Culpepper and Douglas Coupland have the same initials, or that each has 15 letters in his name.

(Seriously, if you haven't read JPod already, do so tout suite. Link via Pro Football Talk.)

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