Friday, May 23, 2008

In praise of amateurishness...

There's no better way to betray a lack of originality than to start compiling Canadian media approval ratings, in an admitted rip-off of a similar, albeit enjoyable feature at Deadspin.

These goofs were smart, though, to start off with Sportscentre anchor Jennifer Hedger. She she meets most conventional Western standards (talking about the hemisphere and the university) for feminine beauty, which is bound to help draw a few lookey-loos and drive traffic. That's not to say you shouldn't participate (and that it won't make for some good reading).

A couple years ago, there was a post on this site riffing on most of the on-air talent at the three Canadian sports networks. It's no longer up here, because long story short, it's always good as a writer/blog guy to have friends who hold you to a high standard.

Point being, it's the Canadian media, the on-air talent nowhere near the platform of ESPN, so a very scolding wag of the finger goes to those who waste their beautiful minds giving Internet trolls a forum to vent their jealousy toward those pretty people on the TV. Granted, some of you would snip that maybe this will get Ms. Hedger some Internet fame and a TV job in States -- out of sight and earshot. But that's hateful.

Take it from a guy who's been there and is living with a few regrets.


Duane Rollins said...

[grumpy old man]

You know...this is the problem with sports blogging--or at least the Deadspinifaction of sports blogging (can I lay credit for coining that term?). With 10,000 sports blogs out there making caustic posts about the sex life of athletes and the breasts of Sportscenter anchors it's no wonder that the Buzz Bissingers of the world question the value of the medium.

The thing most of the frat-boy imitators don't get is this: Will Leitch is 5,000X more talented than they are. Whereas Deadspin can be clever and original at times--and is always backed by damn good writing--most imitators just come off as crude and cruel.

Obviously, I see value in sports blogging. I even see value in irreverent blogging. But, there has to be a balance. Too often places--like, dare I say, here--that try and add some content and context to things get lost in the noise.

Which is what the linked "approval ratings" are--noise. If they wanted to do something similar, but with originality, why not have a vote-off to determine Canada's best sports columnist, complete with an analytical breakdown of their work. Or maybe have readers vote to determine the greatest CIS football player ever (oh wait, that's been done ;))...something positive and with a hint in intellect.

Instead we get an excuse to post a link of Jennifer Hedger making out with another girl. And, God knows lesbian porn is a sure fire way to attract traffic.

[/grumpy old man]

Gourmet Spud said...

Look, Naete, we may be amateurish, unoriginal, talentless, fratboy-ish(?), and goofs, but we are not...wait a minute, what was that first thing you said?


sager said...

chacun à son goût, no one's begrudging anyone their fun and frivolity. I voted in the Hedger plebiscite, have fun with it.

Tyler said...

I read that original post and don't recall anything particularly bad.

Besides, the most blatant ripoff of Deadspin Media Approval is the one that Steve Lepore is doing at Kukla's Korner.

Just as an aside, on Leitch - not wild about him as a writer. Of course, I can't say anything in less than 15K words, but still.