Friday, May 23, 2008

Radio days...

This is as good a time as any to give an alert that yours truly will be on Tyler King's sports-panel show, Offsides, which airs today at 4 p.m. ET, on CFRC 101.9 FM in Kingston (

My segment will be on at some point during the hour.

Now, did everyone see that the Syracuse Orange is actually ranked in the top 100 for major U.S. college football? That is a bigger upset than the SU basketball team beating Kansas in the Elite Eight in 1996.

(Wouldn't it have just been easier to reference the win over Kansas in the 2003 national championship game? Why be difficult?)

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Dennis Prouse said...

I refuse to believe Syracuse will be that terrible in '08. Last year was the worst in that it represented Pasqualoni's last full recruiting class as seniors (or junior redshirts). Even Pasqualoni's most ardent defenders will acknowledge that his recruiting classes were getting weaker and weaker, and that was the team with which Robinson had to take the field last year. They simply didn't have the personnel to compete in a brutally tough Big East, no matter who their coach was.

This year, the first wave of Robinson's recruits are now redshirt juniors, like QB Andrew Robinson. Their offensive line, which was a horror film last year, will be vastly improved, as will the RB position. (Watch for a sophomore named Doug Hogue to jump up and surprise some people.) Nailing down a good, old school offensive coordinator was also a smart move - there is no sense trying to run the West Coast offense if you don't have the personnel to do it. Mitch Browning was part of making Minnesota respectable again, and will be highly motivated to do a great job at Syracuse to make himself a candidate for a HC job himself.

Syracuse should be a 6-6 team this year, and then be able to contend for a Big East title in '09. If they suck terribly yet again, then Robinson will walk the plank, but somehow I think they will rebound to some semblance of respectability.