Friday, May 23, 2008

Sven: Make sure you check out the West Edmonton Mall

It’s widely understood that former England manager Sven Goran Eriksson’s days at Manchester City are limited. He’s expected to be fired within the next few weeks as City owner Thaksin Shinawatra is unhappy with the way the Blues finished the season (City was battling for an UEFA Champions League position through much of the first half of the season, before falling badly. The season ended with a thud, when City lost 8-1 to Middlesbrough).

Interestingly, it’s being suggested that Eriksson will next surface in Mexico as the national team coach. If that were to happen, Canada would prove to be one of the Swede’s first opponents, as Canada and Mexico are drawn into the same grouping as each other for 2010 World Cup Qualifying. That’s a good thing in that his presence would draw considerable more attention among casual sports fans when the two sides play here, likely in Edmonton in September (it’s also a little sad that a big name coach is what would draw the attention, but that’s a post for another day).

It could also be good for Canada, as it’s unclear whether Eriksson would know what he was getting into in CONCACAF qualifying. EuroSnob ™ soccer fans like to look down their nose at North American qualifying, but the truth is it’s a different animal getting through in corrupt, backwards and incredibly frustrating CONCACAF. Factor in a temperamental (if talented) Mexican side that has a history of starting qualifying off slow and the possibility of stealing points of El Tri grows.

Whether Eriksson is any good is another question to be answered, but one that can wait to he’s in the job.

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Anonymous said...

If City fires Erikson after one season, when he was promised 5 to build the team, it just goes to show how the frail ego of the owner is getting in the way of building a franchise. Few in England and EPL has a coaching track record like Erikson's to bragg about.

Mikey said...

Sven vs. Dale Mitchell in Edmonton?

Dale has great memories of Commonwealth...

Sven would have a chuckle knowing his CONCACAF opposition is a nation that had a under-20 coach lead a performance like he did last summer as hosts at the FIFA Under 20 AND *get promoted*.