Monday, May 26, 2008

Hit ball. Do good things.

During yesterday’s JaysTalk the Fan590’s Mike Wilner through this little gem of a statistic out. In games that the Jays have scored two or more runs they are 27-16. That’s a .627 winning percentage! If the Jays hit even a little bit, they win.

Not that there is much evidence of that happening, but it’s something to hold onto if you are looking to find hope in this frustrating Jays season.

For what it’s worth, if the Jays were to finish out the season the way they have started they will play 19 more games where they score less than two runs. Assuming they lose those games and continue to win the rest at the .627 clip, Toronto will finish the season at 84-78. Likely in third.

  • Could someone explain to me why Rogers Centre was dark on Victoria Day, but has an afternoon game today on the American holiday?
  • Having traveled down to the park yesterday, I have this observation to make: Does anyone actually watch the damn game? Seriously people, go sit on a patio if you just want to chat and eat nachos. I bet your fellow drunks there might even appreciate it when you try and start a wave, unlike bitter grumps like myself.


Pete Toms said...

Day game today because it is a " travel day " in baseball parlance. Jays play in Oakland tomorrow, best to leave in the afternoon rather than the evening.

Anonymous said...

Because the self-absorbed USA couldn't give a sh** about Canadian holidays, that's why.

New reality said...

Victoria Day is a holiday...damn it. I knew this media business sucked.

Lloyd the Barber said...

Amen sir.

Bitter grump who booed the wave starting guy in section 113.