Monday, April 14, 2008


Sean Avery, once again, is either the most creative performance artist of our time or he's just a big cheater.

It makes a travesty of the game when a player screening the goalie on the power play isn't even making a perfunctory effort to follow where the puck is in the zone. The NHL probably can't make a rule against this right away, but some would say that there's no justice like NHL mob justice.

There's also no justice like the Devils ultimately winning the game in overtime to get back into the series.

Again, Epic Carnival is still the place for irreverent playoff updates.

(Clip via James Mirtle. UPDATE: Eric Duhatschek reports the NHL has players on notice that no one better try this again, even though Avery's actions had "ingenuity and creativity." When did Gary Bettman learn to be so magnaminous?)

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Big V said...

Avery is a Joke. He just looks stupid...
The sad thing is if Brodeur were to punch him, or someone cheap shotted him, Avery would fall to the ground and cry like a baby, and he would draw a penalty.
I hope he does that again and someone takes a slapshot off the back of his knee so his career is over.