Saturday, April 12, 2008


The daily baseball post ... Jays in the sandwich game vs. the Texas Rangers ...
  • The past two Tigers-White Sox games have aided the argument for baseball playing fewer games with more scheduled off-days.

    It never ceases to amaze that baseball forces teams to play in April when the weather can reduce the game to a farce and put players at physical risk. It's not right for a game that requires such hand-eye co-ordination and precision.

    Friday, Dontrelle Willis hyper-extended his right knee when he slipped pitching on a rain-soaked mound. Now he's on the disabled list.

    The conditions were fit for neither beast nor ballplayer again today, which played a part in Justin Verlander losing his grip on a pitch and plunking Orlando Cabrera in the back of the head during the eighth inning. (Cabrera wasn't injured, but people walk away from car crashes, too.)

    Seriously, why not cut back to 140-145 games and start two weeks later? There would be more open dates to reschedule rained-out games.

    The Tigers, now 2-10, could certainly have used a later start.
  • Cox Bloc referred to Jays shortstop John McDonald as "Johnny McGlovin" a couple weeks ago. Did they not see the movie? It's one name -- like Seal.

    (Sorry, someone is protective of his pop-culture reference.)
  • Toronto Sun baseball writer Bob Elliott has joined the blogosphere. Elliott's Top Canadians Eligible For '08 MLB Draft ( picks up from the site he used have at SLAM! Sports.

    Elliott is also planning to launch within a few weeks. No other sports journalist with Elliott's profile spends as much time tracking the up-and-coming Canadian baseball talent. Without him, we wouldn't know that the Jays are high on an infielder, Carter Bell, who is the namesake of two former Jays all-stars. With that name, how could they not be interested in him?
  • Stephen Brunt hit it out of the park with his Saturday column on Jose Canseco's Vindicated:

    "In all of the denials, the scapegoating, the lying, the hypocrisy, the phony Hall of Fame moralizing and the political opportunism, baseball made a 'certifiable nutcase' credible, raised his stock and cast him as an honest whistle-blower — which is quite the feat."
    Canseco is a grotesque, but in a morality play, it's often a grotesque who is responsible for exposing a society's ills and hypocrisies.
  • A figure of interest from the Simcoe Reformer days, right-handed pitcher John Axford, got his first win of the season on Friday for Brevard County, the Brewers' Florida State League team (high class-A). Axford struck out six over four-plus innings, although he walked four and had a couple wild pitches.
  • Here's the article where ex-Jays third baseman Ed Sprague admitted using andro during his playing career. There go his Hall of Fame chances (hey, wait a second).

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Anonymous said...

Dude, back in the day when it rained in the spring they called the game a Rain Out and held a double-header either the next day or later on in the season.

But seeing as sports is now a Corporate Entertainment Venture and no longer just a game, that would be unprofitable.

So, we get cold, rainy games and players get injured...que sera!

sager said...

Just sayin' ... instead of 162 games in 182 days, play 140 in about 165.

The early-season rain and chill has pretty much put the Tigers behind the 8-ball.... poor start and Dontrelle hurt.