Friday, March 14, 2008


How did you get that motorcycle up there on the high dive, anyways?
  • Twelve hours later, it's still stunning Canada qualified for the Olympics in baseball. Does it ever get tiresome pointing out that we did better in baseball in Athens that we did in Turin in men's hockey, especially considering the relative budgets for the two national associations?

    (Short answer: No, and yes, it's a bit unhealthy to always love the underdog.)
  • John Brattain is just demented enough to believe that incident in the late '90s when Manny Ramirez hit a comebacker right off Josias Manzanillo's cup -- or would have if Manzanillo had been wearing one -- demands to be set off in verse.
  • Another Rapids pitching signing: Left-hander Jason Pilkington, a former Northern Leaguer, is apparently close to signing here ... much obliged to the Guelph Mercury and Greg Layson.
  • Never too early to start thinking about the March Madness south of the border: Is Florida going to miss the Tournament? (They were down 30-5 at one point last night to Alabama -- who way back in September, lost an exhibition game to Carleton.)

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Dennis Prouse said...

Greg Hamilton is an old friend of mine, so I am extra happy to hear of Canada's success. (Greg was also a hell of a hockey player back in the day, which I'm sure won't surprise anyone.) Greg and many others have dedicated so much time and effort into improving baseball in this country, and it is terrific to see their hard work pay off.

How is it that baseball is being dropped from the Olympics? I don't get it. Rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming get to stay, but baseball and softball go. It is hard to take the IOC seriously most days.