Tuesday, March 18, 2008


As you were cocking your Tater Gun ...
  • Pride goeth before the fall, but enough about T.J. Ford in the fourth quarter for the Raptors last night in Utah. Like Dinosty says, you don't want to "waste brainpower" on these guys, since they sure haven't lately.

    The sun will still come up tomorrow and they'll still have cap room in the summer.
  • Right on time for the NCAA Tournament, Bill James reintroduces his equation for figuring out whether a college basketball game is over.
  • Just sayin': Barry Bonds is unsigned and the Seattle Mariners, who have a clear run at the L.A. Angels in the AL West, are going with washed-up Jose Vidro at DH.
  • Those Rogers kioskes at the Air Canada Centre, one imagines, are part of a nice little quid pro quo. Rogers Sportsnet has dropped their NBA package, which will make it that much harder for hoops junkies to resist getting Raptors NBA TV and lining MLSEL's pockets.

    Sportsnet will surely find some quality programming -- as soon as Fox Sports Net tells them what it will be.
  • Sports Illustrated is introducing "a free online service called the SI Vault, a database consisting of all SI articles and pictures." So you can re-read Frank DeFord, Dan Jenkins or Gary Smith for nothing. Meantime, elsewhere it's expected people will pay for a three-week-old 425-word newspaper story.


Andrew Bucholtz said...

I'm pretty excited for the unveiling of the SI Vault. I was just reading a collection of Gary Smith's stuff, and it's pretty amazing ("Damned Yankee" is one of my favorites): look forward to seeing more from their great writers.

Also, pretty nice to see that they aren't charging for archived material: it's too bad everyone else does.

sager said...

Who was the subject of "Damned Yankee?"

Off-hand, I don't recall the titles of Smith's best work ... the story on the basketball coach in that Mennonite community in rural Ohio ranks up there, the profile of Jonathan Takes Enemy from the early '90s is another.

Andrew Bucholtz said...

Yeah, the story on Jonathan Takes Enemy is great too. Damned Yankee is about John Malangone, a catcher who was expected to be the successor to Yogi Berra. He accidentally killed his uncle when he was young, and the tragedy haunted him to the degree where he could never keep himself composed enough to win the big-league job, even though he had the skills.