Monday, March 17, 2008


The notebook from the CIS Final 8 men's basketball championship has been emptied over at The CIS Blog; keep in mind that myself, Messrs. Mirtle and Pettapiece are always seeking new contributors.

It would be really beneficial to have some voices from Western Canada, the East Coast and Quebec involved; expanding our field of vision to cover the entire country and the two major women's team sports, basketball and hockey, would also help it really go in Year 2. Shoot an e-mail to me if you're interested.


Brock won the tournament, becoming the most unlikely winner since Saint Mary's won as the 8 seed in 1999. It was a kick to cover the championship game for the Sun and share insights with a sportswriter the stature of Chris Stevenson, who had a good take on Carleton's stunning setback on Saturday night.

Special thanks goes to some people who made the work very easy and fun: Howard Bloom of Sports Business News; Mark Wacyk, Chris Kallan and Dale Stevens with their reports on and their support; Mark Masters of SSN Canada; Jim Wallace from the St. Catharines Standard and Morris Dalla Costa of the London Free Press, who were very free with their insights; Wayne Kondro of the Citizen; Shawn McCart of SSN and Brock University; the hard-working David Kent from Carleton and Andy Watson from Western; Arash Madani with The Score; long-time supporter John Bower; and Nik Wood from the Charlatan.

That's a lot of names, but it's always got to keep in practice for that eventual Academy Awards Best Original Screenplay in about a decade. (Dream on.)


Tyler said...

"...and Morris Dalla Costa of the London Free Press, who were very free with their insights."

But he spelled Sven-Göran Eriksson wrong!

sager said...

Youth condemns, maturity condones, Tyler.