Wednesday, March 26, 2008


As you were trying to convince T.C. to let you borrow the chopper...

  • Eric McErlain offers a window into the brave new world of bloggers and the MSM mixing on the Washington Capitals beat. Read it and weep if you live in Canada, since the teams up here are years away from even considering letting in the great unwashed.
  • Praise the lord and pass the NHL draft guide; the Leafs are done. Most lapsed Leafs fans will admit that they were almost back on the bandwagon, but then they decided to keep living their lives.
  • Rogers Sportsnet's Dean Brown and Ian Mendes both slipped "shenanigans" into the last night's Sens broadcast, hours after it appeared in the Ottawa Sun's sports poll. Nicely played, sirs.

  • Senators centre Chris Kelly committed a Freudian slip when he told Sun Media of his ankle injury, "It could (have happened a) week later, which would mean missing the playoffs." He meant start of the playoffs, right, or deep-down in his subconscious, did he figure it will be a short stay for the Sens?
  • Resident OHL expert Trevor Stewart's picks are looking pretty good, aside from Brampton over Barrie in five. (Barrie is up 3-1, but will probably blow i.)
  • The Lehigh Valley IronPigs (nĂ© Ottawa Lynx, 1993-2007) are in a Best Logo Tournament at CNBC. Yes, it would be retty low-down to encourage people still in mourning over the late and lamented Lynx to head over there and vote for the opponent, eh? Perish the thought.

    The IronPigs are in the second round against the Clinton LumberKings. Good thing it's a logo contest, not a spelling bee. Voting closes at 9 a.m. today.
  • There's a great symmetry to this: Zing Ottawa city councillor Clive Doucet ("We might get the CFL back, but not as soon as 2010 -- Clive Doucet needs more time to polish his special poem for the debate") one week and then open up the Ottawa Sun to see him use a phrase that's very near and dear to describe Mayor Lare. Doucet called the Ottawa Mayor Larry O'Brien's office "a gong show."

    Back in the day at the Portage la Prairie Daily Graphic, there was a two-man sports department (names redacted) which took great delight in working "gong show" on to the sports page whenever possible.

Shenanigans ... gong show ... the revolution is gaining traction.

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