Monday, March 10, 2008


For the past couple years, a friend would regularly comment that if the Blue Jays were covered to the same degree as the Leafs, you'd know for sure that Troy Glaus hated being in Toronto. The new Cardinals third baseman has pretty much confirmed it:

"You get in the middle of the season and I’m worn out. But when you have energy in the stadium it helps you get through those days when you’re not feeling good physically. There’s 50, 000 people cheering for you to deal with. That's significant to me." -- St. Louis Post Dispatch
Drunk Jays Fans, which gets credit for the pickup, points out, "I'm not saying that the city of Toronto shouldn't be ashamed of itself for its lack of interest in the Jays, but Glaus can fuck off all the same. Yeah, Troy... It's those empty seats' fault that your feet are breaking down under the weight of your roided up fucking body. We're so goddamn sorry."

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