Monday, March 31, 2008


Here's the college newspaper prank that removed all doubt that Green Bay Packers fans, not individually but collectively, are the dimmest fanbase in existence, not that the Cheeseheads weren't a good first clue.

A college newspaper comes out on March 27, complete with an altered front-page banner (Fourth Estate altered to Fourth Mistake) and a story that Brett Favre held a press conference on March 23, four days earlier, to say he was returning to the Packers. The first quote -- right after a line about "thanking everyone from the old man who sleeps behind his daughter's high school to the man who washes his balls when he goes golfing " -- was a dead giveaway.

"I know all the fans will be happy that I'm coming back next year," Favre said. "I knew they were always behind me, but the big difference was all the groups on Facebook telling me to stay. That really swayed me to come back next year."
Well played, sirs, editor Dan Whelan and sportswriter Josh Brewer.

It's more of a commentary on how much students are cut-off from the outside world that some of these bright young scholars at the U of Wisconsin-Green Bay got gulled, but then again, it was always surprising when NFL linebackers followed those exaggerated pass fakes that Favre used to do after handing off to a running back. Shame on CNN for siding with the half-wits instead of appreciating the joke.

A Vikings fan would never go for it a student newspaper said Randy Moss was returning to Minnesota. No way.


Andrew Bucholtz said...

Is that title a Champ reference? I didn't realize that bit was known outside of Vancouver. If not, it must be a more common gag than I thought...

sager said...

Oh, man, the Champ used to get played on Q107 out of Toronto (great station for sad bastard music; Kim Mitchell is a DJ there) and a Kingston-area station used to play him a lot in the late '90s.

"Hey Champ, we really like the way your wife handles our policemen's balls."

Andrew Bucholtz said...

Haha, awesome! The Champ's still a regular twice-a-day fixture on Rock 101 in Vancouver, which is where I know the gag from. Some great lines.

Dan Whelan said...

I'm glad that someone finally sides with us. I've been keeping my ears to the ground on this and most responses have been "shame on you this" and "you shouldn't have done that."
Kudos to you and everyone else that realized that it was a joke.