Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It's cool and the gang to find out what Blue Jays of mid-'80s vintage are up to, especially when it ties in with a local team.

Ex-Jay Cecil Fielder has been hired to manage the Atlantic City Surf, one of the league rivals for our newly christened Ottawa Rapids. Cecil Fielder managing in the gambling capital of the U.S. eastern seaboard; well, that should be an interesting sociological experiement.

On the positive side, going by the picture that's on the Surf's website, Fielder has slimmed down a little since his playing days, when he of course won three RBI titles with the Detroit Tigers in the '90s.

Via Carl K. at the Unofficial Ottawa Rapids Blog comes word that the top hitter on last season's Lynx, Gary Burnham, has signed to play in Taiwan. Wish him well.


Pete Toms said...

Cecil doesn't get his due. People forget how hard it was to hit 50 HR. When Fielder did it in 90 he was the first in almost 30 years.

Pattington said...

It's also more of a psychological experiment....but that's just semantic's I suppose.