Friday, January 25, 2008


Epic Carnival interviews a media personality on a regular basis in their "Blog Wiser Hot Seat" feature. Past subects have included staffers from and Sports Illustrated's website. This week their interviewee was, wait for it, "the best Canadian blogger in the business, Neate Sager."

I know what you're thinking: "Wait a second. There's another guy who can't spell Nate?"

In a similar vein, Sports Media Journal has a podcast up with Will Leitch about his book, God Save The Fan. That might be of greater interest.

Anyway, "best Canadian blogger in the business." It wouldn't be the first time a Canuck got more acclaim from outside his country than he did in his own. Maybe the next move is to try and get a blogging platform at the hometown free weekly, the Napanee Guide, which has put out the call, complete with the Wikipedia definition of a blog.

One last housekeeping item: The Canadian Blog Awards have moved into the final round. James Mirtle and the Raptors site Dinosty are in the running to be named the country's best sports blog. Is it a total waffle to express hope that they somehow tie for the award?


New reality said...

Sager buddy,
You forgot one of the good ones that is also in the running for the sports blog of the year....
Saskatchewan's own Rod Pedersen....voice of the Riders, Regina Pats and son of one of the best and most gracious NHL scouts I have ever had the pleasure to meet....
While his blog might not be the be all to end all of's an honest forthright depiction of his personality....kinda like "the best Canadian blogger in the business."
Later gator....

sager said...

Can't argue against anything from Saskatchewan... although the point was made earlier that sites written by people who already have a large media platform have an unfair advantage.

Rod Pedersen would definitely have that with his play-by-play gigs, especially one for the most important CFL team with the most dedicated fanbase.