Friday, January 25, 2008


"A midget hockey coach is facing assault charges after allegedly hitting two 15-year-old players with a hockey stick and a third player with a helmet."
-- AM 640, Toronto

Geez, these rink rage stories seem to happen earlier every winter. It's too bad that one guy blows his stack and the entire hockey community looks bad as a result, but at the same time, there's a part of you that always says it looks good on these minor hockey coaches, who a well-documented tendency for power-tripping. Of course, if coaching teenagers wasn't made to be such a thankless job, we'd get better people, wouldn't we.

The coach facing the charges is ID'd in the article as "Brian Tracey." There's a Brian Tracy listed on the website of the Don Mill Flyers. Whatever the accused coach's issue is, here's hoping he's man enough to get some help and forgiveness.

(Thanks to Chris — yes, one name, like McLovin — for the heads-up.)

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