Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The Raptors postings have been light around here, since really, what can be done that Dinosty or the Big Three of Toronto basketball writers -- Doug Smith and Dave Feschuk at The Star, Michael Grange at globesports.com -- can't do?

Smith had a blog post up today, though, and it did have some good nuggets -- Douggets --contained within:
  • One, the Raptors might be in the running to land Damon Stoudamire to spell off José Calderón at point guard. On one level, great, Stoudamire can still play, who knows what's happening with T.J. Ford, and it's a ready-made feel-good story about a former star coming back to where he started his career. On another level, it means Raptors fans entering a dangerous point in our lifecycle if they're hoping for the return of a player who isn't as good as you remember he was.

    What other Toronto team's fans tend to do this a lot, be it players or former GMs?

    Toronto won't be a true sports city until everyone pulls together to work past this.
  • Two, Jamario Moon is a shoo-in to win the dunk contest since the fans are getting a say in choosing the winner, since they can vote online and through texting.

    The Raptors, as Smith notes, have one of the NBA's most wired fanbases, plus they represent a market of 6 million people. That's almost as much as the combined populations of Memphis, Minnesota (Twin Cities) and Orlando, represented by Dwight Howard, Gerald Green and Memphis' Rudy Gay.

    So Moon basically has a huge edge going in because of the team's fans, but you'll still get people who say no one in Canada cares about the NBA. Just shut up, already.
  • Three, the coaching job at assistant coach Alex English's alma mater will be open after this season. That could be two assistants lost in as many years after Jim Todd went to Milwaukee.

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