Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Well, the Ottawa's Can-Am League team to be named later has their official website,, up and running, complete with a name-the-team contest that is open through New Year's Eve.

A personal preference here is to call the team the Ottawa Hillers. It's a play on baseball -- people refer to the pitcher's mound as the hill -- and Ottawa being the capital of Canada. Yes, it's so bad that Ron MacLean wouldn't throw a book of puns at it, but minor-league team nicknames are supposed to be gimmicky and nonsensical, plus it has that old-time baseball feeling to it.

Seriously, Ottawa Hillers. Failing that, let's call 'em the Beaver Tails, after the local delicacy. If anyone has a good idea for a bilingual name, let's hear it.

Hopefully there will be more to report soon on a finalized agreement for the use of the stadium, complete with some good news about Baseball Canada getting use of the facility. Remember, as Carl Kiiffner has related over at Ottawa Lynx Blog, there might not be a team coming to Ottawa if Jim Baba had not been so persuasive talking to local politicans back in September.

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bdubs said...

Roughriders! at least they'll be the only one this time