Saturday, December 01, 2007


What is that makes this Lou Holtz clip from ESPN so strangely compelling?

  • If, as he says "players play, coaches coach and administrators adminstrate," then why is the ex-coach wearing a Stephon Marbury jersey?
  • The football guy who believes basketball teams play in a "stadium;"
  • Pondering the fast-fading memory of the last time both ESPN and the New York Knicks were good;*
  • Contemplating that what the world needs know is a movie that combines the awful Robin Williams film Dead Poets Society with Eddie, the movie where Whoopi Goldberg (don't ask) coaches the Knicks.

    Can't you see some real-life Abe Simpson delivering rambling, pretentious speeches in an effort to light a fire under a losing team?

    Considering the size of the Knicks payroll, it would even have the perfect title: Dead Weight Society.

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(* The last time this was true, Holtz was still coach at Notre Dame.)

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